Apple Contact Number: 0800 107 6285

Phone Apple for free by calling their freephone contact number 0800 107 6285 to speak to a UK-based customer service advisor.

Apple is the highest-earning information technology company in the world, and it is easy to see why given their aesthetically-pleasing products, creative software and sleek marketing campaigns. Apple are also hugely successful at expanding their technological repertoire, from humble beginnings with the Mac computer system to the revolutionary iPod and of course their iPhone mobiles.

Apple Customer Services & Technical Support – 0800 107 6285

Contact Apple customer services by calling their phone number 0800 107 6285, which is a freephone number and is therefore free to call from all UK landline and mobile phones. You should call this phone number to make a general enquiry about Apple’s products and services, or if you have an issue specific to your account and would like technical support and troubleshooting advice to help you resolve such problems. Apple recommend that you have the serial number of your device or product to hand before calling them to help them sort out your issue as quickly as possible. However if you are having technical difficulties with your iPhone device then you should contact the network carrier that you purchased your phone from. If your technical support query relates specifically to your Beats by Dre headphones then please phone their Beats helpline 0800 028 2329.

If you require assistive technology from Apple to help you with your day-to-day life or if you need accessibility assistance with using their devices please call their dedicated team on their freephone contact number 0800 048 0754.

Get Help with Apple’s Online Store –  0800 048 0408

Phone Apple Store Support for free on their freephone contact number 0800 048 0408 to get help with an order or to purchase items over the phone. You can call this helpline to track or cancel your order and update your store account details, for example if you need to change your usual delivery address as you have moved house.

Apple also have a couple of dedicated phone numbers for business and educational customers. Therefore if you are a business owner or technology director with your firm and you are interested in buying an Apple device or using their software under license then please call their commercial helpline 0800 058 2222. Similarly if you represent an educational institute such as a school, college or university then please call their freephone number 0800 912 0207 to get advice and make an order for your institute.

Contact Apple Online

Apple deploy the majority of their customer service team to their online services, reflecting their status as a technology-focused company. Therefore if you would like to change or cancel an order, or if you need to update your account information if you have changed your address or forgotten your login details then please visit their official account assistance website Alternatively if you would like to email Apple with a general enquiry or to provide them detailed information about a technical support issue that has befallen you then use their dedicated address

List of Apple’s UK Phone Numbers

Apple Department Contact Number
Customer Services & Technical Support 0800 107 6285
Online Store & Sales 0800 048 0408
Apple Business Support 0800 058 2222
Education Institute Helpline 0800 912 0207
Beats Support 0800 028 2329