Debenhams Contact Number: 0344 561 6161

Phone Debenhams customer services on their UK contact number 0344 561 6161 for general enquiries about their range of gifts and clothing items, including their famous dresses.

Debenhams is a famous multinational retailer which operates in over 26 countries under a franchising system, they are headquartered in London, UK. Customers should call their main telephone number 0344 561 6161 to discover which of their clothing and household items are on sale, where you can also enquire about getting a refund for a defective item. Additionally you can also call their customer care team to find out where your closest store is. Unfortunately cases can arise when you need to make a complaint about either an item you have purchased from them or a member of their staff, which you can also do by calling this customer service phone number. Calls to their customer service number are charged at the same rate as calls to UK 01 and 02 local numbers, please note that they may be free of charge if you have free inclusive minutes as part of your landline or mobile tariff.

Debenhams Online – 0344 800 8877

Phone Debenhams Online by calling their dedicated contact number 0344 800 8877 to track an existing order that you made whilst shopping online, where you can also get technical support in case you have forgotten your login details. Furthermore you can also rearrange your scheduled delivery time if you will no longer be at home when your parcel is due to arrive. Please note that if you have ordered a large electrical appliance such as a washing machine you should phone them prior to the delivery date to inform them where is most convenient to park their vehicle in order to save time and prevent damage to your new item.

Gift cards – 0371 384 3401

Contact Debenhams on their gift card phone number 0371 384 3401 to check your balance and to add more money onto your card. You can also phone this helpline to order more gift vouchers and to notify them that you need a replacement card in the event it has been damaged, lost or stolen.

Credit cards – 0333 220 2519

Contact Debenhams on their official telephone number 0333 220 2519 for credit card customers, where you can manage your monthly repayments, extend your borrowing agreement and pay off your debt early. Additionally you should phone this number as soon as possible in order to notify them that your credit card has been lost or stolen so that they can cancel it and get a replacement sent out to you as quickly as possible. If you are a new customer you can also phone this number to enquire about the interest rates that apply to their cards and to apply for a new credit card.

Debenhams phone numbers – comprehensive summary

Department UK phone number
Customer services & complaints 0344 561 6161
Debenhams Online 0344 800 8877
Debenhams Plus 01484 448 922
Gift Cards 0371 384 3401
Credit Cards 0333 220 2519
Travel Insurance 0343 658 0371
Home Insurance 0344 776 5324
Wedding Insurance 0800 440 2430
Pet Insurance 0333 234 0580
Car Insurance 0344 840 6305
Gadget Insurance 0330 880 1733
Curtains 0330 660 0941
Flowers 0203 696 1129
Hampers 0344 248 1669

Write to Debenhams

If you would prefer to make your customer service enquiries in writing you can email Debenhams by filling out an official online contact form, alternatively you can write a letter then send it to their UK postal address which is provided here for your convenience:

Debenhams Customer Services,
4th Floor,
10 Brock St,
Regents Place,
NW1 3FG,
United Kingdom.