EE Contact Number: 07953 966 250

Contact EE customer service by calling their UK phone number 07953 966 250 for network and SIM support, alternatively dial 150 from your EE mobile for free.

EE are the largest provider of 4G communications in Europe and were formed by the merger of the parent companies of UK mobile brands Orange and T-Mobile. Their main customer service helpline 07953 966 250 is designed for their mobile customers to contact them regarding their bills, therefore if you believe you have been overcharged for your monthly contract then you should call them immediately. Alternatively you can contact EE for free by dialling 150 on your handset if you are an existing customer, thus if you would like to top up your pay as you go credit then you should use this service. You should also call this number to upgrade your handset to the latest model if you are eligible to do so under the terms laid out in your contract. Additionally you can phone this customer care team from a landline if your signal has gone down to check whether this is a network outage or a problem specific to your phone. Alternatively you can use the EE network coverage checker to check if the signal in your area is down and to confirm if you will get signal if you live in a rural area. If the signal continuously goes down in your area or you believe you have been repeatedly overcharged on your phone bill then you can call their customer service team to lodge an official complaint.

Broadband & TV – 0800 079 8586

Contact EE for free on their dedicated freephone telephone number 0800 079 8586 for enquiries related to their home broadband and TV services. You can phone this helpline to sign up for one of these packages and if you are an existing customer you can call them to transfer your services to a different address if you move home. If your television picture or sound goes down then you can call this specialised customer care department for technical support. Similarly you can get troubleshooting advice for WiFi issues, for example if your device is unable to connect to the internet and if your download speeds are particularly slow.

4GEE WiFi – 07953 966 502

Phone the 4GEE WiFi team on their official contact number 07953 966 502 for general enquiries about their mobile broadband services. You can call this number to add more data to your account, to upgrade to a better tariff and for technical support in the event that you are unable to get 4G signal.

EE’s UK phone numbers – at a glance

Department Contact Number
Customer services 07953 966 250
EE Broadband & TV 0800 079 8586
4GEE 07953 966 502
Join EE 0800 956 6000
Complaints – EE mobile & 4GEE 0800 956 6060
Complaints – TV & broadband 0800 956 6059
EE – T-Mobile SIM support (7p/min + access charge) 0845 412 5000 (£0.07/minute plus your operator’s access charge)
EE – T-Mobile 4G support 07953 966 501
EE – T-Mobile business customers 07953 966 150
EE – Orange pay-as-you-go 07973 100 450
EE – Orange pay monthly 07973 100 150
EE – Orange business customers 07973 100 345