iD Mobile Contact Number: 0333 003 7777

Contact iD Mobile by calling their customer service telephone number 0333 003 7777 to query your bill, for technical support with your handset and to report a lost or stolen phone.

iD mobile is a mobile virtual network operator which runs on the Three network and is owned by Carphone Warehouse. They are becoming an increasingly important player in the mobile industry with a number of high-profile sponsorship deals and advertising campaigns helping to improve their image. They only offer a specific range of 12-month, 24-month and rolling 30 day SIM-only contracts to keep their service simple and recognisable.

Customer services – 0333 003 7777

Contact iD by calling 7777 from your mobile phone for free or call their landline customer service helpline 0333 003 7777 for general enquiries about their contracts, prices and handsets. You should also call this number for technical support if your handset is not working or if you are having problems with your SIM card. Similarly you check if their signal is down in your area by calling this number.

Finally you should call their customer service phone number immediately if your phone has been lost or stolen so that they can block the handset and prevent it being used by criminals and to get further details on how you can get in touch with your insurance company to get a replacement.

Ordering – 0800 049 0250

Phone iD Mobile for free by calling their freephone sales contact number 0800 049 0250 to get a contract, new handset or SIM card. As aforementioned iD Mobile offer 12-month and 24-month pay monthly contracts as well as competitive SIM-only deals, which you can find price information for by calling their sales helpline. You can also track your existing order by calling this number, where you can also reschedule your handset delivery if you are out on the day it is due.

iD Mobile telephone numbers

Department Phone number
Customer services 0333 003 7777
Ordering 0800 049 0250

Contact iD Mobile online

iD Mobile do not have a specific email address in order to prevent spam emails preventing them from being able to resolve your enquiries as quickly as possible, however you can still contact iD online by filling out a contact form on their website.

Postal address

Although it is usually far quicker to contact iD Mobile by calling them or by sending them an email you can also send letters of complaint or enquiry to their UK postal address which is provided here:

Customer service department,
iD Mobile Ltd,
PO Box 356,
SO30 2PG,
United Kingdom.