McDonald’s Contact Number: 0370 524 4622

Contact McDonald’s on this phone number 0370 524 4622 to discuss their fast food range, or give feedback to customer services.

McDonald’s started out as a barbecue sandwich joint that also has delicious shakes. This was the sum total of their menu for a while until they introduced what then became its flagship product, the cheeseburger. Nowadays, McDonald’s is best known for their cheeseburgers, fries, nuggets, shakes and sundaes.

These items essentially form the menu of any McDonald’s branch in the the world – though there may be some regional differences here and there. These regional differences, however, don’t take away from the fact that McDonald’s is a a McDonald’s wherever you may go. This is the essence of being a franchise business and McDonald’s certainly is a leader in this field. In fact, it was McDonald’s that pioneered the very idea.

The Golden Arches have come to be synonymous with a delicious fast food. For many children it’s the only fastfood they know, or at the very least, is at the top of their favourites list. This is due to effective marketing, and a simple yet delicious cheap food. This is why in every country that they establish operations, they will always find millions upon millions of loyal customers.

By using this contact form, you’ll be able to identify which specific menu item you are enquiring or commenting about. You can also put in a specific employee’s name if your feedback is about a particular employee or if you prefer, you can just talk about a specific experience you’ve had with one of their restaurants.

If your question nor the answer can’t be found here, then you can ask a question yourself by clicking on the “Ask a Question” button. With this interface, you’ll get your answer via email.

  • If you prefer to talk to them on the phone, then you can use the McDonald’s phone number 0370 524 4622
  • You can also write to McDonalds UK head office at:

McDonald’s Restaurants Ltd,
11-59 High Road,
East Finchley,
N2 8AW,
United Kingdom.