National Express Contact Number: 0371 781 8181

Phone National Express on their general enquiries & booking contact number 0371 781 8181 to book a seat on a coach journey or get their latest timetable.

National Express is by far the largest operator of long-distance coach services in the UK, and operates in several other countries and across vast swathes of Europe. They run services between the majority of UK towns and cities, often at significantly cheaper prices than other forms of public transportation such as trains.

Travelling by land is both a science and an art but National Express has it all figured out. If you want to travel in comfort in a coach, bus, metro tram or a train then you need to acquaint yourself with the services offered by National Express.

By using their system, you are assured of both a seat and a comfortable ride to your selected destination. This goes a long way especially when the alternative is waiting in a long queue during rush hour just to purchase a ticket or get a seat. They have destinations and stops all over the UK, so picking one that’s in your local area will not be a problem due to the simplicity of their ticket ordering. National Express even offer a range of select European destinations including Paris and Amsterdam.

If you want to call them up to enquire about their schedules and timetables then contact the National Express Customer Contact Centre on their UK phone number 0871 781 8181 (calls cost 13p per minute plus access charge), where you can also make a booking over the telephone. If you have already purchased tickets but would like to make changes to your booking, then contact their after-sales support at 0371 781 8181, where you can request accessibility assistance if you have a disability. These lines are open to take your call from 8am-10pm everyday, although these opening times may be shortened on UK bank holidays.

General Enquiries & Booking – 0371 781 8181

Contact National Express on their booking phone number 0371 781 8181 to book your coach journey or to make an enquiry about their timetable. By calling this helpline you can arrange an excellently-priced trip to any of their destinations, of which there are over 1000 in the UK alone. You can also phone this helpline to ask about their journey times and book a private coach for your party or sports club. This helpline is open 8am-10pm 7 days a week and is charged at 13p per minute plus your landline operator’s standard call access charge.

After-Sales Support – 0371 781 8181

Alternatively if you have already booked a journey you can phone National Express’ dedicated after-sales contact number 0371 781 8181 to amend your ticket, such as if you are unable to make an earlier coach and therefore would like to change your journey time, or if you would like to get a refund. Furthermore you should call this helpline if you require special assistance with accessibility. Additionally you can phone 0371 781 8181 on the day you are travelling to get live updates on where your coach is and the predicted time that it will arrive, thus helping you plan ahead in case of any delays.

Twitter Customer Services

One of the more modern ways in which you can contact National Express is by sending them a tweet to their official Twitter page where you can message customer service advisors and get live traffic updates.

National Express Bus Services – 0121 254 7272

As well as running their long distance coach services, National Express also runs a local bus service in the West Midlands & Coventry, plus a tram service (Midland Metro). If you would like to contact National Express about their local bus service please phone their office directly on their helpline number 0121 254 7272.

National Express Phone Numbers

Department UK Contact Number
General Enquiries & Booking 0371 781 8181
Alternative sales helpline (13p/min + access charge) 0871 781 8181
After-Sales Support 0371 781 8181
Bus Services 0121 254 7272

Write to National Express

Another way you can contact National Express is by sending them a letter of enquiry or complaint, which you can do by sending your post to their official Birmingham head office using this postal address:

National Express UK Coach Customer Services,
National Express House,
Mill Lane,
B5 6DD,
United Kingdom.


Contact National Express online

By typing your question on the search bar and then clicking “Ask”, you can also make use of their automated customer support and FAQs on their UK website: You can also send them an email by using the “Feedback” form found here:

If you prefer to make your thumb do the talking on your mobile handset, then you can contact the National Express team via Twitter at @nxcare for help. They are online from 8am-8pm on weekdays and from 8am-6pm on weekends. If you want to keep up to date with the service & routes they offer then you can follow them @nxupdates and @NationalExpress, where they will also publish the details of any major traffic delays which may affect your coach journey.

They are also active on Facebook and typically reply within an hour, so if you’re on the social media network and would like some assistance with their services then message National Express on their profile: