Passport Office Contact Number: 0300 222 0000

Contact the Passport Office on their telephone helpline number 0300 222 0000 to apply for your first UK passport and to renew or replace your existing documentation.

Her Majesty’s Passport Office (HMPO) are the governmental body responsible for the issuing of passports to all UK nationals to allow them to travel abroad. Formerly known as the Identity and Passport Service, they perform a vital role which helps protect against international crime and aids in the identification of the passport holder if they are missing whilst abroad. You should call their phone number 0300 222 0000 to apply for your first British passport or to apply on behalf of a child aged under 15. Additionally you can call this helpline to check how much it costs to apply for a new passport and to track an existing passport application.

Furthermore you should call this number to report a lost or stolen passport and to get the forms you require to get a replacement. Similarly if your passport has been damaged to the extent that your details are indecipherable or it looks like someone has tampered with it you should call their helpline to get advice on how to return that passport and get a replacement document.

Write to your nearest passport centre

Please examine the list below to find your nearest passport centre where you can apply for a passport in person and arrange an appointment if you need a passport urgently. Often you will have a passport interview in these offices which allows you to get a passport in one day rather than the usual minimum waiting period of three weeks.

London Passport Office address
London HM Passport Office,
Globe House,
89 Eccleston Square,
United Kingdom.
Newport Passport Office address
Newport HM Passport Office,
Nexus House,
Mission Court,
NP20 2DW,
United Kingdom.
Peterborough Passport Office address
Peterborough HM Passport Office,
Aragon Court,
Northminster Road,
PE1 1QG,
United Kingdom.
Liverpool Passport Office address
Liverpool HM Passport Office,
101 Old Hall Street,
L3 9BD,
United Kingdom.
Durham Passport Office address
Durham HM Passport Office,
Freeman’s Reach,
DH1 1SL,
United Kingdom.
Glasgow Passport Office address
Glasgow HM Passport Office,
3 Northgate,
96 Milton Street,
G4 0BT,
United Kingdom.
Belfast Passport Office address
Belfast HM Passport Office,
Ground Floor,
Law Society House,
90 – 106 Victoria Street,
BT1 3GN,
United Kingdom.