RAC: 0800 82 82 82

Phone the RAC about their car and breakdown services on their freephone contact number 0800 82 82 82 if you’re a member, or dial this helpline if you want to join: 0800 197 7815.

RAC started its life as the Royal Automobile Club, it was once a small association that provided breakdown services, roadside assistance and general automobile-related services only to its members. Today, much like their early days, RAC still offers great roadside and breakdown assistance services to those in need. This time though, they no longer discriminate between members and non-members as customers without a membership can still request assistance following a breakdown.

RAC contact numbers

If you’re broken down and in need of assistance, then you can call the following RAC contact numbers:

  • 0333 2000 999 or 0800 82 82 82 – Use either of these numbers if you’re already an RAC member and are currently in need of roadside assistance.
  • 0800 197 7815 – Call this number for free if you’re not yet a member, however please note you will have to pay a charge for recovery as this will not be covered until you are insured by the RAC.

If you’re unsure about which motor vehicle policy to purchase and would like customer service advice then you can contact the RAC on their local rate helpline 0330 159 1111 or their freephone hotline 0800 096 0732. This will connect you to their sales assistance team who can provide you with a quote for your car, motorbike or van.

Existing policyholders can change their personal or policy details by phone by calling their freephone number 0800 092 6607. Here you can renew your cover and add optional extras such as windscreen cover to prevent against chips and scratches to your glass.

If you’re already a member and would like to make changes regarding the details that you have submitted on their records, then you can visit here: www.rac.co.uk/myrac# (requires log in to access).

You can also call their car insurance office in Walsall directly on their local telephone number 0192 243 7000 to make a formal complaint about a failed claim following an accident. Moreover you can call this office to inform the RAC that you have the right to a no claims discount against the cost of your monthly premiums.

Other RAC Services

If you’re a business customer and would like to enquire about corporate breakdown cover services and quotes, then contact the RAC customer service team at 0330 159 3081 or email them at: business@rac.co.uk.

If you want to enquire about RAC’s dealership services, then you can contact them for free by dialling 0800 015 8177, otherwise you may email them using this address: bsales@rac.co.uk.

If you’re happy with the breakdown services provided by the RAC, you can send them a compliment through the email form: www.rac.co.uk/contact-us/email-general. Alternatively if you’re not satisfied about their service, then you can send your complaints here: www.rac.co.uk/complaints.

If you’re a member of the press, you can contact the RAC press team by emailing: press.enquiries@rac.co.uk, performing a web-call via rac_press on Skype or by connecting with them on Twitter: @rac_press.

Other ways to contact the RAC

For general enquiries you can send your postal enquiries to the RAC customer service office using this UK address:

RAC Motoring Services,
RAC House,
Brockhurst Crescent,
WS5 4AW,
United Kingdom.

You can also email them by filling in their online form here: www.rac.co.uk/contact-us/email-general. Remember that any queries regarding car insurance payments cannot be submitted via email as this is not a secure method of communication.

RAC is also active on social media. You can connect with them through their Facebook page www.facebook.com/RAC or through Twitter for news and updates: twitter.com/RAC_Breakdown. You can even use their alternative Twitter profile twitter.com/RAC_Care to send Tweets to their customer service staff.


Contact RAC on their national phone number 0330 159 0740 to take out breakdown cover so you can get roadside assistance, plus to get a quote for their range of car insurance policies.

RAC is one of the three largest providers of roadside assistance across the UK, with a range of insurance options including breakdown cover and courtesy car provision. You can call their general enquiries phone number 0330 159 0740 if your car has broken down meaning your require a mechanic to come out and fix the issue. Furthermore you can call this customer care helpline if you would like to upgrade your breakdown cover by adding international protection whilst driving in Europe. You can also dial this number to update your membership details in case you’ve changed your address, bought a new motor or changed your name as a result of marriage.

Car insurance – 0330 159 1031

Contact the RAC by calling their car insurance phone number 0330 159 1031 to get a quote for your motor protection and for details on how to claim if your vehicle is involved in an accident. You should also call this helpline if you need to renew your policy after the requisite date, by contrast you can also call this number to cancel your policy in the event that you’ve found a cheaper price for your car insurance.

Complaints – 01922 437 000

Phone RAC to make a complaint by calling their head office switchboard contact number 01922 437 000 directly to state that you have been overcharged on your car insurance premiums or mistreated by a member of their staff. If one of their affiliated mechanics did a poor job when mending your vehicle which has led to additional repair bills you can call this helpline to apply for compensation.

RAC contact numbers – a full list

Department Phone number
Breakdown cover – customer services 0330 159 0740
Breakdown cover – roadside assistance 0333 2000 999
Breakdown cover – join the RAC 08000 722 822
European breakdown cover – customer services 0800 015 6000
RAC car insurance – customer services 0330 159 1031
RAC car insurance – get a quote 0330 159 1019
RAC car insurance – make a claim 0330 159 1062
Caravan insurance – customer services 0800 308 1111
Caravan insurance – claims 0333 323 0966
Classic car insurance – customer services 0330 159 0728
Classic car insurance – claims 0330 159 0730
Day car insurance – customer services 0333 005 0944
Day car insurance – claims 08000 156 166
Motorbike insurance 0330 159 1156
Motorhome insurance 0800 308 1111
Van insurance – customer services 0330 332 8308
Van insurance – claims 0330 332 8315
RAC home insurance – customer services 0330 159 0985
RAC home insurance – renew your policy 0333 202 3044
RAC home insurance – get a quote 0330 159 0981
RAC travel insurance – customer services 0330 159 0409
RAC travel insurance – get a quote 0330 159 0405
RAC travel insurance – make a claim 0208 667 2464
RAC travel insurance – emergency assistance (UK patients) +30 231 0256 454
RAC travel insurance – emergency assistance (North American patients) +44 203 819 7176
Head office & complaints 01922 437 000

Write to RAC

You can write to RAC by sending your letters to their head office in Walsall directly by using the postal address below, although you should be aware that it will almost certainly be quicker for you to contact them using their telephone helplines.

RAC Motoring Services,
RAC House,
Brockhurst Crescent,
WS5 4AW,
United Kingdom.