Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) Contact Number: 0345 900 0400

Phone the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) on their UK contact number 0345 900 0400, to discuss anything concerning their banking and credit card business with customer services.

The Royal Bank of Scotland, or RBS, takes pride in being a bank that prioritizes customer service. They acknowledge that their entire operation is for the benefit of their customers; which why they make sure that their customer service system is effective in handling their customers’ concerns.

As a bank, they also take pride in being prudent with risk, realizing that their customers entrust them with their money, so they must value the trust placed in them enough to do the right thing and manage risk appropriately.

For personal banking customers, they provide savings accounts, credit cards, investing services, loans, mortgages and insurance. They also offer private banking services for those who require a financial manager to take care of their investments on their way to reaching their set financial goals.

Personal Customers

If you want to contact RBS to enquire about their personal banking products, then call them on the following numbers to manage your current account by performing a transfer and to get a live update on your balance:

  • Scotland Accounts – dial 03457 242 424 by telephone, 0800 404 6160 via minicom if you are hard of hearing or +44 131 549 8888 to contact RBS from abroad.
  • England accountholders should phone 0345 900 0400, or call 0800 068 1289 via minicom or +44131 242 0017 to update your current account details whilst overseas.
  • Account holders in Wales can call 0345 900 0300 on the telephone, 0800 092 3201 via minicom or +44118 373 2181 when abroad to make a new transfer and confirm their balance.


RBS security team (lost cards and fraud)

  • If your cards and chequebooks are either lost or stolen – 0370 600 0459 or +441268 500 813 abroad.
  • If your cards have been lost or stolen whilst outside the UK you may phone their international helpline +44 131 5498 888.
  • If you’re a Minicom user then you can report fraud to RBS by dialling 0800 917 0526
  • If you suspect you are a victim of bank fraud call RBS on their freephone number 0800 161 5150 or dial +44 125 230 8047 if you are calling from abroad
  • Personal banking customers should call 0800 161 5153 or +44126 850 8020 if abroad if you suspect your accounts have been fraudulently accessed.
  • Business banking customers may inform their assigned Business Manager of fraud by calling 0800 161 5164 or +44 1268 508 019 if based overseas.
  • If you’re calling back after being contacted by their automated service about your debit card account then call 0800 023 4540.

Credit Card Customers

  • Personal credit card holders can phone RBS by dialling 0370 907 0010 or by calling 0800 141 3999 via Minicom for applications, to manage your credit limit and to add another cardholder to your account.
  • Business banking Customers should instead contact the RBS company credit card department on 0370 154 1234 from the UK, 0800 404 6160 via the Minicom or +44 370 154 1234 if abroad.
  • BusinessOne credit card customers – 0345 300 8460, 0800 404 6160 via Minicom or +44345 300 8460 when overseas.

Private Customers

  • Clients with private banking managers may call 0333 202 3332 or 0800 027 1398 via Minicom or +44131 278 3507 if calling from abroad.
  • Clients without private banking managers can call 0345 724 2424, 0800 404 6160 via Minicom or +44131 549 8888 abroad.

Business Banking Customers

Business customers can perform corporate banking tasks over the telephone by dialling 0345 600 2230 or alternatively the freephone minicom number 0800 404 6160. If overseas you should instead dial +44 118 373 2181 however be aware that your call costs will usually be higher compared to making a standard UK-only phone call.


For all general enquiries about RBS mortgages, phone this number 0800 056 3220, or 0800 404 6160 via minicom.

Banking Customers with Existing Mortgages – 0800 056 0567, or +44 121 629 0739 if abroad.

Membership Services

All Silver Account holders with RBS can phone 0345 607 5154 , or 0370 600 0856 via Minicom, +44 2392 666 062 if overseas.

Platinum Account holders meanwhile can call – 0345 609 0456, 0370 600 0856 via Minicom, +44 2392 668 827 abroad

Those with Black Accounts can phone 0345 266 8801, 0370 600 0856 via Minicom, +44 2392 668 814 if abroad.

Alternative ways to contact RBS

You can also connect with the Royal Bank of Scotland on Twitter here: or via the RBS Facebook page: These are RBS’s dedicated social media help accounts, so you can contact them any time of the day, 7 days a week and they will typically get back to you within an hour.

If you want to talk to other RBS customers about your concerns you can join their support centre here: Here, you’ll be able to read posts, follow threads or start your own  as regards the issues you are facing. Furthermore you can follow the links on this page to log into your personal banking account.

If you’d rather just browse around for some answers, then you can visit their FAQs page here:

If you want to complain to RBS about their products or their customer service advisors then you can fill in this form: Alternatively if you want to leave them a compliment, then you can fill in this form here: so that their staff can be rewarded.