Sony Contact Number – 0207 365 2810

Call Sony UK’s telephone number 0207 365 2810 to contact a customer care representative about your household electronics such as a Bravia TV or PlayStation games console.

About Sony

Sony is a Japanese multination conglomerate corporation that provides both consumer and professional electronics such as televisions and the PlayStation video game console to millions of customers around the globe. However Sony is also regarded as one of the most comprehensive entertainment companies in the world due to its motion picture and music ventures. Furthermore the electronics company also provides mobile phone services with its popular Sony Xperia handsets.

Sony Electronics Customer Services – 0207 365 2810

Call Sony UK’s consumer electronics helpline number 0207 365 2810 for technical support following a purchase with the technology company. For instance callers can enquire about a fault with their Sony Bravia or if they are having trouble getting their smart TV online. Furthermore callers can ask the customer care representative how to scan channels onto a newly purchased Sony television. Furthermore the Sony electronics customer service helpline can provide tech advice for the company’s laptop ranges while also discussing the process of claiming for a replacement charger or driver for a product such as the VAIO laptop. Callers will be able to ask about the cost of necessary repairs before enquiring whether their product is still under warranty as the protection period usually expires a year after purchase.

However if you would like tech support for your Sony mobile such as your Xperia handset then you will have to ask to be directed to the specialized department or call the mobiles customer services number 0360 523 7237 directly.

The Sony electronics customer care department is only available to be contacted during the working week as it has the opening hours of 9am-6pm Monday to Friday. You can contact the Sony electronics support team at the cost of a local call as the customer services helpline operates a 02 number that charges the standard geographical rate from both landlines and mobiles. However you may be able to contact Sony UK’s customer services department for free if you are using up any inclusive free minutes offered by your service provider.

Sony PlayStation Customer Services – 0203 538 2665

Call Sony PlayStation customer services helpline number 0203 538 2665 if you need tech support for your video games console. However before calling it is important that you have access to your PlayStation system along with a note of your console’s serial number so that the customer care representative can give you the appropriate assistance. Callers are also able to ask Sony about PlayStation Network if they require troubleshooting support with the online gaming service following a technical issue. Alternatively if you have yet to register your console with the PlayStation Network then the Sony advisor can help you link your account free of charge. PSN helps provides console owners with the use of online multiplayer while also allowing them to stream videos or download games straight to their system. Furthermore callers can ask Sony about purchasing a subscription to a premium PlayStation Plus membership.

Sony PlayStation UK’s customer services helpline operates a 02 number meaning that you will be charged the standard per-minute rate for local calls from both landlines and mobiles. Furthermore the PlayStation contact number is open 7 days a week with line available from 10:30am – 7pm Monday to Sunday.

Important Sony Contact Numbers

Sony Department UK Contact Numbers Opening Hours
Sony Mobiles Customer Services 0360 523 7237 8am-8pm Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm Saturday
Sony PlayStation Customer Services 0203 538 2665 10:30am – 7pm Monday to Sunday
Sony Electronics Customer Services 0207 365 2810 9am-6pm Monday to Friday
Leeds Sony Centre 0113 242 2569 9am-5:30pm Monday to Friday

Alternative Contact Methods

Mobile Phone Online Chat

Customers who own Sony Xperia mobile phone can use the live chat service to contact a representative for immediate support after selecting the ‘Start Chat’ option on the Sony Online Care Forum.

Online Support Centre

Alternatively callers have the option of enquiring about a technical fault with their Sony purchase after submitting the serial number of their product alongside their personal details using Sony Electronics’ Online Contact Form.