TSB Bank Contact Number: 0345 975 8758

Phone the TSB Bank on this contact number 0345 975 8758 to discuss any aspect of their banking with their customer service departments including loans, mortgages and credit cards.

TSB Bank is a relatively new bank in the sense that the current entity did not exist prior to 2013 as it had been merged with the Lloyds Banking Group. Though technically new, they have more than 200 years of experience and tradition backing them up because TSB was originally founded in 1810 as the Trustee Savings Bank. With over 600 branches throughout the UK, they are able to service more than 4.5 million personal banking customers.

This makes them highly prevalent in the field of UK retail banking as they are currently the 7th largest in the nation. One of the good things that they leverage is their capability to do banking digitally via their online platform, thereby reducing costs of services which in turn means that their customers save more with them compared to some other banks.

TSB Bank customer services – 0345 975 8758

  • If you want to contact TSB then you can use their customer service phone number 0345 975 8758 locally within the UK or dial +44203 284 1575 if you’re calling from abroad. As well as serving as their general enquiries helpline you should also call this number for current account services including checking your balance and performing a money transfer.
  • Alternatively if you require the use of a textphone device, then you can contact them by dialling 0345 835 3843 from within the UK or 441733 286 352 from overseas.
  • If you want to use hearing support, then you can prefix 18001 before any number listed on this page to contact TSB. Please note if you’re having trouble using this service, then you can get a loved one to call 0203 2880 771 or email help@signvideo.co.uk.
  • You can also contact their new accounts team via their local-rate number 0345 835 3863, dial 0345 835 3843 via textphone locally or you can phone +441733 286 352 to open a new TSB account from abroad.

All of the above phone lines are open 24 hours a day to serve you better.

TBS security – including lost cards and fraud

  • If your TSB cards have been lost or stolen, then contact them on their emergency UK freephone number 0800 015 0030 or by dialling +44207 481 2567 if you’re outside the UK, although this will not be free of charge due to international call rates. These helplines apply for both credit and debit cards so please do not hesitate to contact them for support and to withdraw funds without your card.
  • You can also contact their textphone line at 0800 161 5176 to report a lost or stolen bank card.
  • If you believe that your bank account has been defrauded please contact TSB security advisors on their 24-hour phone number 0345 835 3844 locally or dial 0345 835 7982 via textphone to request a refund on your account.
  • If you would like to dispute an unfamiliar transaction in your transaction records, then use this form here: www.tsb.co.uk/help/dispute-transaction-form.

Online banking with TSB

  • If you have any questions about internet banking, then you can contact TSB via their local-rate phone number 0345 835 3844 for technical support or if you are calling from outside the UK you can call their dedicated international helpline +44203 284 1577 abroad.
  • Customers who are hard-of-hearing or have a severe speech impediment you can contact TSB via textphone at 0345 835 3840 or call their international helpline +441733 286 351.

TSB savings customers – 0345 975 8758

If you have queries about TSB Savings Accounts, then contact them at the following numbers to enquire about their interest rates, ISA accounts and bonds:

  • New Accounts: 0345 835 3862
  • Existing customers: 0345 975 8758 (UK) or +44203 284 1575 (international).
  • You can also use their textphone line at 0345 835 3843 within the UK or dial +441733 286 352 from abroad however you must have a device with text-type facilities.

Mortgages from TSB – 0345 835 3380

TSB mortgage customers can use the following helplines to enquire about their home borrowing, including remortgaging and changing your current address once you have moved home.

  • Existing TSB mortgage customers should either dial their help-desk phone number 0345 835 3380 from within the UK or their international helpline +441452 890 225 to discuss interest rates, financial difficulties when making repayments and remortgaging.
  • New mortgage customers can call TSB for free on their freephone number 0800 056 1088 in the UK, or at international rates via +441452 890 225 if calling from abroad to discuss their repayment terms and for dedicated packages for first-time homeowners.

TSB credit card customer services – 0345 835 3846

For TSB Credit Card enquiries, simply contact the bank on the following numbers for applications, to request an increase in your credit limit and to close your account once you have paid off your outstanding debts.

  • Call TSB on 0345 835 3846 locally, or dial +44 203 284 1581 if calling from abroad if you are an existing credit card holder, please note this is where you should notify TSB that you are experiencing financial difficulties so you can make a delayed payment.
  • Otherwise new customers can phone their UK freephone helpline 0800 015 0015 locally or contact them at international rates by dialling +44203 284 1575 from overseas.

Loans from TSB

Contact TSB Bank on the following telephone numbers for enquiries about their range of loans:

  • Existing loan queries: 0800 111 4166 (UK customers) or alternatively dial +441913 357 409 if you are calling TSB about a loan from outside the United Kingdom.
  • New loan customers can enquire about their APR interest rates and submit an application by dialling their local rate phone number 0345 835 3861, however your eligibility for each of their loan amounts will be determined by your previous credit history.

Insurance customers with TSB – 0345 975 8758

  • If you have questions about the TSB insurance policies, then contact their policyholder support desk on the local UK number 0345 975 8758 or phone +44203 284 1575 to make a claim on your home, car or travel cover from overseas.
  • TSB complaints department

  • If you want to make a complaint about any of TSB’s banking services including the mis-sale of payment protection insurance (PPI) then you can contact them on their dedicated telephone number 0345 975 8758.
  • Alternatively, you can fill in this complaint form here: www.tsb.co.uk/help/complaint-form.
  • You can also send positive feedback via this form: www.tsb.co.uk/help/feedback-form.


TSB social media profiles

You can connect with TSB Bank on Twitter via their handle: @TSB, alternatively if you prefer using Facebook their page is located here: www.facebook.com/TSBbankUK.